Athletes with concussion maintain improvements after use of mirroring neurotechnology

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Psychological factors associated with delayed symptom resolution in children with concussion

Somatization is associated with delayed symptom resolution in this cohort of children with concussion.

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In the Dark: The frightening world of sports, concussions and traumatic brain injury

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Alcohol intake and reduced mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury

Mortality rate due to TBI in the alcohol-intake group appears to be lower compared to that in the no-alcohol-intake group after adjusting for main confounding variables.

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New test can predict if coma patient will wake up in a year

Scientists have found a new way to measure the level of awareness in a brain-injured person who is in coma, and predict whether they will recover consciousness within a year.

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Aerobic exercise for adolescents with prolonged symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury

Findings from this exploratory RCT suggest subsymptom exacerbation aerobic training is potentially beneficial for adolescents with persistent symptoms after an mTBI.

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Damage to Pea-Size Gland May Cause PTSD-Like Symptoms

Soldiers’ with traumatic brain injury might suffer from undiagnosed, but treatable hormonal disorders.

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