Blake Hyland and his journey of recovery at Centre for Neuro Skills (Dallas)

Teen’s remarkable recovery after gymnastics accident.

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Music therapy for coma patients: preliminary results

Through the quantitative EEG and the GCS observation score, music therapy in patients with craniocerebral trauma coma has obviously an effect on promoting to regain consciousness.

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Study finds repetitive brain injuries may accelerate aging, dementia risk

Repetitive head injuries may accelerate the aging process by increasing the build-up of beta-amyloid in the brain, leading to worse disease and an increased likelihood of developing dementia.

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Self-awareness and traumatic brain injury outcome

Self-awareness variables at follow-up were predictive of community re-integration.

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After concussions, kids face persistent difficulties with school

After a concussion, students often experience academic difficulties, says a new study.

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Sex differences in working memory after mild traumatic brain injury

Female patients with MTBI had lower digit span scores than did female control subjects, and functional MR imaging depicted sex differences in working memory functional activation.

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Researchers adapt TB diagnostic tool for determining traumatic brain injury

A new detection approach originally developed for tuberculosis diagnostics is being adapted as a tool for determining traumatic brain injury.

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