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Treatment consent capacity in patients with traumatic brain injury across a range of injury severity

One month following injury, MDC is largely intact in patients with mTBI, but is impaired in patients with cmTBI and msevTBI. Read article

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Diabetes drug could be a promising therapy for traumatic brain injury

TAU research finds that existing diabetes medication may ease damage caused by brain-addling explosions. Read article

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Factors associated with strain in carers of people with traumatic brain injury

A number of factors appear to combine to result in feelings of strain, but the GOS could be used as a crude screening tool. Read article

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GFAP and S100B in the acute phase of mild traumatic brain injury

A relation between GFAP with imaging studies and outcome (determined by RTW) was found in contrast to S100B. As the positive predictive value of GFAP is limited in this category of TBI patients, this biomarker is not suitable for prediction … Continue reading

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Association of persistent hyperglycemia with outcome of severe traumatic brain injury in pediatric population

Early hyperglycemia is associated with poor outcome, and persistent hyperglycemia is a powerful and independent predictor of mortality in children and adolescents with severe TBI. Read article

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Researchers spearhead groundbreaking research into treatment of brain swelling

The research uses a radically new patented technology highly effective in reducing the condition. Read article

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Vocational rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury: Models and services

There is evidence to support the benefits of a wide range of models of specialist VR after TBI. Read article

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