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The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury

This study showed that HBO(2) at 2.4 ATA pressure had no effect on post-concussive symptoms after mild TBI. Read article Advertisements

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Brain-Injured in Nursing Homes Without Care Giffords Had

Over 4 million brain-injured Americans — including victims of car accidents, assaults, strokes and falls — suffer from long-term disabilities that require specialized therapies. Read article

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Traumatic brain injury with and without late posttraumatic seizures: What are the impacts in the post-acute phase

It does appear that the development of LPTS following a TBI is associated with poorer functional and psychosocial outcomes in the first 5 years after injury. Read article

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The Effects of a Concussion May Last Longer in Children, Study Says

Concussion is the most common type of brain injury that can be caused by any strong blow to the head. Although minor concussion damage can easily be healed in time, a study featured on shows that it may affect … Continue reading

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Life expectancy following rehabilitation: A NIDRR Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems study

Life expectancy was shortened an average of 6.7 years. Read article

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Traumatic Brain Injury Does Not Increase Risk of Dementia

A history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with loss of consciousness (LOC) is not associated with an elevated risk for developing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, according to a study led by a researcher at the Icahn School of Medicine at … Continue reading

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Neurocognitive predictors of financial capacity in traumatic brain injury

Multiple cognitive functions are associated with initial impairment and partial recovery of FC in moderate-to-severe TBI patients. In particular, arithmetic, working memory, and executive function skills appear critical to recovery of FC in TBI. Read article

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