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Traumatic Brain Injury: Tips for Families, Friends and Caregivers

Journeyworks Publishing has just a pamphlet that offer tips for family members, friends and caregivers of people with TBI. Read article Advertisements

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Psychotic symptoms as manifestations of the posttraumatic confusional state: Prevalence, risk factors, and association with outcome

These findings suggest that improved sleep in early TBI recovery may decrease the occurrence of psychotic-type symptoms. Read article

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Study finds link between 2 genetic markers and post-concussion neurocognitive function

A new study presented last week is coming one step closer to finding out whether or not an athlete’s genetic makeup determines the severity of post-concussive brain function. Read article

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Detection of β-amyloid oligomers as a predictor of neurological outcome after brain injury

Detection of β-amyloid oligomers may someday become a useful clinical tool for determining injury severity and neurological outcomes in patients with TBI. Read article

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After Brain Injury, New Astrocytes Play Unexpected Role in Healing

The production of a certain kind of brain cell that had been considered an impediment to healing may actually be needed to staunch bleeding and promote repair after a stroke or head trauma. Read article

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A range of antiepileptic drugs do not affect the recovery of consciousness in vegetative and minimally conscious states

AEDs did not affect the recovery of consciousness in a large cohort of patients in a VS or MCS following an acute brain injury. Read article

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Mild blast injury causes molecular changes in brain akin to Alzheimer

A multicenter study led by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows that mild traumatic brain injury after blast exposure produces inflammation, oxidative stress and gene activation patterns akin to disorders of memory processing such as Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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