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Cognitive impact of traumatic axonal injury (TAI) and return to work

Cognitive screening can identify the long-term impact of TAI identified by conventional MRI, used as a routine clinical technique. For rehabilitation and for insurance-related matters, these injuries must be taken seriously, as a deterioration over time might occur. Read article … Continue reading

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Prevalence, Clinical Features, and Correlates of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior After Traumatic Brain Injury

Inappropriate sexual behavior poses a complex clinical challenge among a minority of individuals with severe TBI. Read article

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Effect of frequency of multimodal coma stimulation on the consciousness levels of traumatic brain injury comatose patients

The results showed a significant difference (p < 0.01) for Glasgow Coma Scale as well as Western Neuro Sensory Stimulation Profile scores between Groups A & C and B & C, i.e. multimodal coma stimulation is effective as compared to the control … Continue reading

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Doctors using harmful cells to fight traumatic brain injury

Kuo is using stem cells from the astrocytes to test how effective they can be at restoring brain function. Read article

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Prevalence of low bone mineral density in inpatients with traumatic brain injury receiving neurobehavioural rehabilitation

Some participants had reduced BMD, putting them at risk of fracture or of developing such risk in the future. Read article

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Researchers say they are shocked by new statistics on head injuries among people who are homeless

These men have 170 times as many severe head injuries as the general population and 300 times as many injuries that cause bleeding in the brain. Read article

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Running abnormalities after traumatic brain injury

Many people with TBI may actually be capable of running, despite the presence of significant biomechanical abnormalities during gait. Read article

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