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Brain Trivia: Written about 1,700 B.C., the Edwin Smith surgical papyrus contains the first recorded use of the word “brain.”

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Study recruiting participants: Dealing with emotional problems after TBI through online group therapy.

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If concussions aren’t healed, new blow can be crippling

Second-impact syndrome can occur when a person 21 or younger suffers a second blow to the head after a previous concussion has not fully or properly healed. The second blow does not even need to be a severe one. Read … Continue reading

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Impact of genetic variation on hormone levels and outcome after traumatic brain injury

In contrast to clinical serum hormone studies, higher CSF E2/T ratio was associated with better outcome. Read article

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Study recruiting volunteers: Neural Dynamics and Connectivity in Response Inhibition and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Brain Trivia: The cerebral cortex makes up about 77% of the total volume of the human brain.

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A unique look into mild traumatic brain injuries

Researchers at UMD are taking a closer look at the brain’s mechanics, and how even seemingly minor trauma could cause damage, depending on how stress waves move through brain tissue due to its nature and composition and its ability to … Continue reading

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Head injury and risk of Parkinson disease

The results of our meta-analysis indicate that a history of head trauma that results in concussion is associated with a higher risk of developing PD. Read article

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Study recruiting volunteers: Eye Movement Recordings in the Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury

The study investigates whether the use of eye movement recordings can provide a reliable diagnostic of previously undiagnosed mild traumatic brain injury (blast and impact) in Operations Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom (OIF/OEF) veterans. Read more …

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Brain Trivia: From childhood until puberty, synapses in the human neocortex are lost at a rate of 100,000 synapses per second

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