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Study Recruiting Volunteers: An Exploratory Study to Evaluate Two Acupuncture Methods for the Treatment of Headaches Associated With Traumatic Brain Injury

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Brain Trivia: The human olfactory system is anatomically complete before birth

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Music brings memories back to the brain injured

In the first study of its kind, two researchers have used popular music to help severely brain-injured patients recall personal memories. Read article

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Chronic post-traumatic headache after mild head injury

The loss of work capacity and high levels of disability for the CPTH patients suggests directions for further research into what important factors are embedded in the patients’ PTSD symptoms and might explain their prolonged illness. Read article

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Study Recruiting Volunteers: Mild Hypothermia and Supplemental Magnesium Sulfate Infusion in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Subjects

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Brain Trivia: The total length of wiring between neurons is 100,000 kilometers

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Prosthetic Device For The Brain Restores Lost Function After Traumatic Injury

Scientists from Case Western Reserve University and University of Kansas Medical Center have successfully tested technology that allowed rat models to regain certain brain functions that had once been lost. Read article

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