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Kids take longer to recover from concussions than adults

Findings show that children and adolescents who suffer concussions heal slower than their adult counterparts. Read article

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Personality changes and return to work after severe traumatic brain injury

Personality changes were an independent predictor of nRTW after severe TBI. Read article

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No Dietary Supplement Treats Concussions, FDA Warns

Consumers should beware of dietary supplements that claim to treat a concussion. Read article

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Social and behavioral outcomes following childhood traumatic brain injury

Findings indicated a deterioration of social participation skills post-injury, particularly for those sustaining a more severe injury, and a consistently higher rate of impairment in social and behavioral outcomes in the TBI group. Read article

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New Book: Effective Psychotherapy for Individuals with Brain Injury

Combining scientific expertise with psychotherapeutic acumen, this book is highly accessible and packed with clinical tools. Read article

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Predictors of driving avoidance and exposure following traumatic brain injury

Participants who were older and female tended to avoid a greater number of challenging everyday driving scenarios. Read article

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New Book: Make Art From Your Splattered, Scattered Brain: My Journey Through Post-Concussion Syndrome

This book is a memoire about my healing journey through post-concussion syndrome. Read article

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Prevalence of challenging behavior among adults with traumatic brain injury

Challenging behaviors are widespread among community-dwelling adults with severe traumatic brain injury. Read article

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Missed diagnosis of traumatic brain injury in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury

In more than half of the traumatic spinal cord injury patients referred for in-patient rehabilitation, acute care diagnoses of traumatic brain injury were missed. Read article

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US Dept. of Defense to develop portable blood tests for TBI evaluation

The development of new tests is expected to enable physicians to use the information to positively impact the care of people with a suspected concussion, also called mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Read article

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