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New Book: Phenomenal Brain Power: From Brain Injury to Brain Awakening

An inspirational account of life after brain injury and the search to find the meaning and purpose of a new life and a new dream. Read article

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Evidence of cognitive decline in older adults after remote traumatic brain injury

Findings from this exploratory study indicate that a past TBI may put older adults at a higher risk for exacerbated age-related cognitive decline compared to older adults with no history of TBI. Read article

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Study of former NFL players reveals specifics of concussive brain damage

Study of former NFL players finds that concussions affect specific parts of the brain tied to memory and mood. Read article

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Neurologically-related sequelae associated with mild traumatic brain injury

Findings support that MTBI may have a prolonged neurological impact. Read article

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‘Hidden’ Brain Damage Seen in Vets With Blast Injuries

Autopsies showed broken, swollen nerve fibers in regions related to memory, reasoning. Read article

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Predictors of post-traumatic brain injury pituitary failure during long-term follow-up

Victims of severe TBI and/or patients who have undergone neurosurgical intervention for head injury are the most prone to post-traumatic hypopituitarism. Read article

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Family voices and stories speed coma recovery

Coma patients who heard familiar stories repeated by family members four times a day for six weeks, via recordings played over headphones, recovered consciousness significantly faster and had an improved recovery compared to patients who did not hear the stories. … Continue reading

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Role of character strengths in outcome after traumatic brain injury

Character strengths and virtues showed unique value in predicting physical health and disability. Read article

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Dietary supplement may protect the brain from injury

The dietary supplement creatine can protect the brain when its oxygen supply is reduced. Read article

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Functional recovery after severe traumatic brain injury: an individual growth curve approach

The specific effects of treatment on rehabilitation outcomes are difficult to separate from case mix factors that are associated with both outcome and allocation of treatment. Read article

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