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How One Brain Came Back From Unconsciousness

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Areas of brain damage underlying increased reports of behavioral disinhibition

Damage in the frontal and temporal lobes, gyrus rectus, and insula was associated with greater behavioral disinhibition. Read article

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Injectable electronics could form basis for brain implants

Flexible electronics can be injected directly into brain tissue, allowing for brain cells to be directly monitored and stimulated. Read article

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Family impact of acquired brain injury in children and youth

Two years after onset, the parent-reported that impact of ABI on the family as measured by the PedsQL FIM was considerable especially in patients with moderate/severe NTBI. Read article

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Changing a Common Belief About Brain Injury

A recent study found that strategy-based cognitive training significantly improves the cognitive performance, psychological and neural health of those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI), long after the initial injury. Read article

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Relatives of patients with severe brain injury: Anxiety and depression the first year after injury

Higher initial level of anxiety was associated with younger patient age, lower level of function and consciousness in the patient and the relative being female or the spouse. Read article

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After eight years without answers, a father of five recovered from brain injury

“At times, I couldn’t even name my five children in less than three or four minutes…I was about to lose my house, my job, custodianship of my children and probably become a ward of the state. But I got lucky.” … Continue reading

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Community integration 2 years after moderate and severe traumatic brain injury

Marital status, injury severity and rehabilitation after injury were associated with community integration 2 years after TBI. Read article

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Stem Cell Therapy Helpful in Traumatic Brain Injury

The use of cell therapy after traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children can reduce the amount of therapeutic interventions needed to treat the patient. Read article

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Prevalence & predictors of poor recovery from mild traumatic brain injury

Older age at injury, female gender, and acute symptom report were predictors of poor symptomatic outcome at three months. Socioeconomic status was the only significant predictor of poor cognitive outcome at three months. Read article

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