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Studies show concussion can have devastating effects

Researchers found those who started playing before the age of 12 were more likely to struggle with memory and reasoning, and three times more likely to suffer from depression, than those who started playing after that age. Read article

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Economic evaluations in the diagnosis and management of traumatic brain injury

Threshold-guided CT scanning, adherence to Brain Trauma Foundation guidelines, and care for patients with TBI, including those with nonsurgical lesions, in specialized settings appear to be economically attractive strategies. Read article

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New Book: Concussions – A Reference Guide

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Hematoma enlargement among patients with traumatic brain injury

Study results suggest that hematoma enlargement may be a direct contributor to death and disability in patients with TBI at 6 months. Read article

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New study supports link between ADHD and traumatic brain injury

A recent study of Canadian adults has found links between traumatic brain injury and a history of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read article

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Depression among older adults after traumatic brain injury

TBI significantly increased the risk of depression among older adults, especially among men and those discharged to a skilled nursing facility. Read article

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Missing My Memory: Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury

I used to have the most amazing memory. I had friend’s phone numbers memorized, as well as all my credit card numbers, and my driver’s license number. Read article

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The effect of occupation-based cognitive rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury

Evidence from the present meta-analytic study suggests that occupation-based cognitive rehabilitation would be beneficial for individuals with TBI for improving daily functioning and positively be able to affect their psychosocial functions. Read article

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New Book: As She Fell Her Mind Wandered: Life of a PCS Survivor

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Predicting outcome after pediatric traumatic brain injury by early magnetic resonance imaging lesion location and volume

Patients with lesions in all three zones had a significantly higher odds ratio for developing an unfavorable outcome. Read article

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