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Concussions In Sports: Simple Blood Test Could Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injury In 7 Days, Help Prevent CTE

Researchers have found evidence of concussions in patients who sustained a head injury up to seven days prior using a simple blood test. Read article

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Balance and mobility in clinically recovered children and adolescents after a mild traumatic brain injury

Clinical balance assessments may need to include static and dynamic measures, to capture possible performance difficulties. Read article

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Post Traumatic Disorder and Traumatic Brian Injury A Reference, Resource and Guide

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Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents in the second six months after traumatic brain injury

Findings suggest that the emergence of novel anxiety disorder after TBI might be related to a broader problem of affective dysregulation especially in younger children and those with a vulnerability even to pre-injury anxiety disorder. Read article

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Repeat concussion ‘can trigger dementia’: Almost 75% of people with disease ‘have suffered a traumatic head injury in the past’

A team of experts from Massey University, in New Zealand, found that nearly 75 per cent of people with dementia have suffered some sort of traumatic head injury in the past. Read article

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Improved function after deep brain stimulation for traumatic brain injury

This first study of DBS to this target for severe TBI supports its safety and suggests potential effectiveness to improve function years after injury. Read article

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Inducing Deep Sleep after Head Injury May Protect the Brain

A new study could one day benefit people suffering neurological conditions associated with the buildup of unwanted proteins in the brain, including traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s. Read article

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