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Brain imaging scans show some vegetative patients are living on the edge of consciousness

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Comparative outcomes of traumatic brain injury from biking accidents with or without helmet use

Cyclists without helmets were younger, less educated, single and unemployed. They had more severe TBIs on imaging, longer LOS in ICU and more neurosurgical interventions. Read article

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A team of researchers has found that if a patient has physiological effects of mental illness–like muscle soreness associated with depression–before the concussion, that can help determine the rate of recovery. Read article

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Prevalence of and risk factors for osteoporosis in adults with acquired brain injury

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are common in young adults with ABI compared with the general population. Read article

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Researchers Repair Brain Injuries With New Cells

The researchers want to find out if they can direct thegrowth of neurons and help them form these important links. Read article

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Drugs for behavior disorders after traumatic brain injury

There is no evidence of efficacy for neuroleptics. Their prescription is based on emergency situation for a crisis (loxapine) but not for long-term use (EC). Read article

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Mental Distress Means Longer Recovery From Head Injury

A new study suggests that athletes that have suffered mental distress could take longer to recover from a head injury. Read article

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