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Many brain injuries caused by domestic violence go untreated: experts

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Long-term survival following traumatic brain injury

Survivors of TBI have decreased life expectancy compared to the general population. Read more

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‘You Look Great!’ — Life With A Traumatic Brain Injury

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Adaptive Functioning Following pediatric traumatic brain injury: Relationship to executive function and processing speed

Children with STBI experience deficits in adaptive functioning, particularly in social adjustment, with less pronounced deficits in conceptual and practical skills. Read more

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Concussion And Traumatic Brain Injury Dominate Hospitalizations From Stroller And Baby Carrier Injuries

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Poor sleep predicts subacute postconcussion symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury

As a significant contributor to neurobehavioral symptoms, treatment for post-injury sleep-related impairment warrants further attention. Read more

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The lingering symptoms of a brain injury force me to lead a double life

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