Head injuries in football can cause unexpected consequences years later

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  1. Head Injuries In Football Can Cause Unexpected Consequences Years Later

    My first “diagnosed” concussion occurred my 3rd year of Pop Warner at age 13. I was knocked unconscious in a worthless Bull In The Ring drill and hospitalized.

    Fast forward 9 seasons, 2 high school championships, a trip to the Orange Bowl, a Super Bowl championship, and 1,000’s of sub concussive hits and hundreds of concussions later and I developed hydrocephalus during the 81 Super Bowl season with the 49ers.

    Three emergency VP shunt brain surgeries, gran mal seizures, focal point paralysis and 3 arrests in 8 months were just the beginning of my family’s nightmares. I’ve now survived 9 emergency brain surgeries, 36 years of gran mal seizures, and suffer from major short term memory and working memory issues, poor judgement, anger problems, loss of direction, vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia, constant headaches and rated 100% disabled due to cognitive impairment in 2012 (I’m still intelligent, just can’t tell you what I did this morning or what I’m supposed to do this afternoon). And I still don’t qualify for ANY NFL benefits.

    I’ve lost nearly everything and fighting to hang onto my relationships with my 3 children. My injury caused me to lose my environmental consulting business in 2011, our home in 2012, my marriage of 20 years, and fighting not to lose my mind.

    I’ve been presenting all over the country for years on Football Caused TBI; Avoidance, Coping Mechanisms and Recovery.

    I’ve also been published in US News and World Report, Slate Magazine, and Sports Digest on the dangers of starting football too early.

    George Visger
    Wildlife Biologist/TBI Consultant
    The Visger Group-TBI Consulting

  2. check out my recent article and let me know what you think. Its directly about this issue

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