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Prospective evaluation of the nature, course, and impact of acute sleep abnormality after traumatic brain injury

Results suggest that sleep abnormalities after TBI are prevalent and decrease over time. However, a high percent remained with SWCD throughout the course of rehabilitation intervention. Read article

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Study: Concussion damage can look like early Alzheimer’s

Concussion can lead to damage in the white matter of the brain that resembles abnormalities found in people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests. Read article

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Running abnormalities after traumatic brain injury

Many people with TBI may actually be capable of running, despite the presence of significant biomechanical abnormalities during gait. Read article

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Veterans With Mild TBI Have Brain Abnormalities

A recent study by psychiatrists from the Iowa City VA Medical Center and University of Iowa Health Care finds that soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with mild TBI have measurable abnormalities in the white matter of their brains when … Continue reading

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In combat vets and others, high rate of vision problems after traumatic brain injury

Visual symptoms and abnormalities occur at high rates in people with traumatic brain injury (TBI)—including Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans with blast-related TBI, reports a study. Read article

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