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New Method May Better Identify TBI

Borrowing a tactic used to identify lung infections, University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers have discovered a potential method to identify traumatic brain injuries that uses positron emission tomography scans and the body’s immune response to a brain injury. … Continue reading

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Could a ‘Trojan Horse’ Better Identify Traumatic Brain Injury?

Accurately diagnosing traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and concussions is difficult, as standard CT or MRI scans can’t see most changes to the brain caused by these injuries. Read article

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Screening for hypopituitarism in 509 patients with traumatic brain injury

In our screening of 509 patients, 28.5% showed lowered values in at least one hormone of the hypothalamus-pituitary axis, 4.5% in two or more axes. Read article

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Mobile phone text messaging to assess symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury and provide self-care support

Those receiving the text messaging-based education and support had fewer and less severe postconcussive symptoms than the controls but none of the differences reached statistical significance. Read article

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Researchers use smart helmets, imaging to study brain injury risk in young football players

By combining biomechanics, brain imaging, and neurological testing, the team could develop tools to identify when a player has been hit hard enough, or repeatedly enough, to risk a concussion or other brain injury. In July, the researchers reported a … Continue reading

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Researchers Create Voice-Analyzing App to Diagnose Concussions

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have created an app that they say will diagnose concussions simply by analyzing a person’s voice. Read article

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Peculiar Brain Signals Found in “Flat-Lined” Patient

What if inside the brain of a person who had already flat lined, there was still something going on—some murmur of electrical signals? Could the person still be considered brain dead? Read article

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