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Brain Trivia: Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States

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Brain problems can linger months after ICU stay

Critically-ill people who end up spending days in an intensive care unit (ICU) often develop thinking and memory problems, according to a new study. Read article

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Stem cells help repair traumatic brain injury by building a “biobridge”

Univ. of South Florida researchers have suggested a new view of how stem cells may help repair the brain following trauma. Read article

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Small brain biopsies can be used to grow large numbers of patient’s own brain cells

A group of really brainy scientists have moved closer to growing “therapeutic” brain cells in the laboratory that can be re-integrated back into patients’ brains to treat a wide range of neurological conditions. Read article

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Brain Damage Caused by Drinking Alcohol Could Be Reversed by Aerobic Exercise

Remarkably, a large body of new research has revealed that aerobic exercise not only builds muscle, it builds brain tissue. Read article

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Celebrity Dancer Who Suffered Series Of Aneurysms Helps Others Get Back On Their Feet

After a long road to recovery, a celebrity dancer who suffered a series of aneurysms is helping others get back on their feet. Read article

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Brain scans reveal which ‘vegetative’ patients are alert, trapped in bodies

Canadian researchers report in a study showing it’s possible to use MRI brain scans to establish communication with people who seem completely unconscious. Read article

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