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Back from the brink of a severe brain injury

Paul Lamb draws life-giving inspiration from horrific accident. Read article

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Peculiar Brain Signals Found in “Flat-Lined” Patient

What if inside the brain of a person who had already flat lined, there was still something going on—some murmur of electrical signals? Could the person still be considered brain dead? Read article

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Unexpected recovery of function after severe traumatic brain injury: The limits of early neuroimaging-based outcome prediction

MRI data should be interpreted with caution when prognosticating for patients in traumatic coma. Recovery of consciousness and community reintegration are possible even when extensive traumatic axonal injury is demonstrated by early MRI. Read article

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From the Deepest Coma, New Brain Activity Found

New findings suggest there can be a coma stage even deeper than this flat line — and that brain activity can ramp up again from this state. Read article

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The relation between persistent coma and brain ischemia after severe brain injury

Persistent coma after severe brain injury is associated with bilateral thalamic ischemia. Read article

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The mind-reading computer that could communicate with coma patients

Canadian researchers have developing a mind-reading computer that could help communicate with people in a coma. Read article

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Effect of frequency of multimodal coma stimulation on the consciousness levels of traumatic brain injury comatose patients

The results showed a significant difference (p < 0.01) for Glasgow Coma Scale as well as Western Neuro Sensory Stimulation Profile scores between Groups A & C and B & C, i.e. multimodal coma stimulation is effective as compared to the control … Continue reading

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