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Driving shortly after head injury may be unsafe

Individuals who resume driving shortly after a traumatic head injury may exhibit behavior or memory problems that can impair their ability to drive safely, according to the results of  a UK study. Read article Advertisements

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Prediction of on-road driving ability after traumatic brain injury

The results suggest that driving ability after brain damage and cerebral disease with no severe neurological deficits can be measured with a few distinctive neuropsychological tests together with medical examination and on-road assessment. Read article

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Specific attention disorders in drivers with traumatic brain injury

Although, in the control situation, patients’ results were equivalent to controls’, they displayed specific disorders in more complex situations where the attentional load increased. Read article

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Return-to-driving expectations following mild traumatic brain injury

The finding that half the individuals recovering from MTBI do not intend to moderate their driving exposure post-injury is cause for concern, as another study has shown that driving performance is compromised in this group immediately after injury. Read article

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Crash risk factors related to individuals sustaining and drivers following traumatic brain injuries

In general, post-TBI drivers have a higher occurrence of multiple crashes and this should be further explored to guide driver rehabilitation, evaluation, and training. Read article

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