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A unique look into mild traumatic brain injuries

Researchers at UMD are taking a closer look at the brain’s mechanics, and how even seemingly minor trauma could cause damage, depending on how stress waves move through brain tissue due to its nature and composition and its ability to … Continue reading

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Schoolwork can delay concussion victims’ recovery

A concussion shouldn’t just keep children and teenagers out of sports while they recover — it may also require a break from the classroom, according to a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Read article

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A study of prevalence and characterization of headache following mild traumatic brain injury

Headache after mTBI is very common and persistent across the first year after injury. Read article

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Brain Injury Debate Deepens: How Often Players Are Removed From Play Linked To Abnormal Brain Functions

The latest research into football’s traumatic effects compared the number of times a player reported getting sidelined after a nasty hit with how his brain was functioning during certain tasks. Read article

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Post-Concussion Cognitive Deficit Lingers

College football players with concussions still showed mild cognitive impairment on the Concussion Resolution Index after commonly looked-for symptoms subsided, researchers reported. Read article        

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Biopsychosocial outcome following uncomplicated mild traumatic Brain Injury

There were no significant differences between the uncomplicated MTBI and healthy control group on any measures of learning and memory. Read article

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Soccer Players Show Signs of Brain Damage

Football has become notorious for the degeneration it causes in players’ brains. Now a preliminary study of soccer players has found that frequently hitting the ball with the head may adversely affect brain structure and cognition. Read article

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