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Back from the brink of a severe brain injury

Paul Lamb draws life-giving inspiration from horrific accident. Read article

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Posttraumatic migraine as a predictor of recovery and cognitive impairment after sport-related concussion

Results suggest that PTM is associated with cognitive impairments and protracted recovery and that headache alone is not a good predictor of recovery. Read article

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The influence of chronic cigarette smoking on neurocognitive recovery after mild traumatic brain injury

Greater lifetime duration of smoking and pack-years were related to significantly less improvement on multiple domains. Read article

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Brain May Recover From Concussion by Compensating

Concussion patients have irregular brain activity within the first 24 hours after their injury but increased levels of brain activity a few weeks later, which suggests that the brain may compensate for the injury during recovery, a new study reports. … Continue reading

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Vagus nerve stimulation to augment recovery from severe traumatic brain injury impeding consciousness

This study demonstrated that VNS can safely and positively impact outcome. Read article

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Naturally-produced hormone helps those with brain injuries

A hormone that’s produced naturally by our bodies is helping people with brain injuries. Watch video

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Magnetic Brain Stimulation Might Aid Stroke Recovery

Magnetic stimulation of the brain appears to help speed recovery of speech and language in stroke survivors, a small new study finds. Read article

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