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Association of daytime somnolence with executive functioning in the first 6 months after adolescent traumatic brain injury

The parent report of daytime somnolence correlated with TBI severity and predicted executive functioning difficulties of the teens in everyday circumstances. Read article Advertisements

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Excessive sleep need following traumatic brain injury

Post-traumatic pleiosomnia may be even more frequent than reported previously, because affected patients often underestimate their actual sleep need. Read article

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Sleep helps protect the brain, study shows

Sleep may help the brain replenish its cells and repair itself more quickly, Science Daily reported. Read article

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The goal: Understanding how furry friends ease PTSD, TBI

A nonprofit group that trains servicemembers with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury to raise service dogs for wounded veterans is hoping to find out why they help with sleep, stress, etc., in hopes of standardizing the treatment for … Continue reading

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Prospective evaluation of the nature, course, and impact of acute sleep abnormality after traumatic brain injury

Results suggest that sleep abnormalities after TBI are prevalent and decrease over time. However, a high percent remained with SWCD throughout the course of rehabilitation intervention. Read article

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Rapid EEG activity during sleep dominates in mild traumatic brain injury patients with acute pain

Pain in patients with mTBI was associated with more rapid qEEG activity, mostly during REM sleep, suggesting that pain is associated with poor sleep and is a critical factor in managing post-concussion symptoms. Read article

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Pediatric sleep difficulties after moderate-severe traumatic brain injury

Moderate-severe pediatric TBI was associated with sleep inefficiency in the form of sleep onset and maintenance problems. Read article

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